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1 Chronicles 28:9

1 Chronicles 28:9

Hey guys!

We hope you all are doing well and staying as warm as you can during these cold winter days! It’s officially February 2021 so we thought we’d pop in your inbox to say hi and to share something that might help you feel a little warmer on the inside. :)

This month’s printable includes some of King David’s words to his young son, Solomon. Among the many words of wisdom he passed on, David said: “And you, Solʹo·mon my son, know the God of your father and serve him with a complete heart and with a delightful soul, for Jehovah searches through all hearts, and he discerns every inclination of the thoughts. If you search for him, he will let himself be found by you”. (1 Chron. 28:9)

We found this verse so touching, because it reminds us that Jehovah uses his wisdom and his power to read hearts—not to look for our flaws—but to search for his servants who love and serve him with complete hearts. His attention and attachment to each one of his servants is so personal. He offers us the greatest and closest friendship we could ever ask for.

These are things we hear often and we know well, but sometimes it’s really special and awe-inspiring to sit back and think about what a huge privilege it is to speak to and be personally loved by the Sovereign of the Universe. It only inspires us to keep serving him “with a complete heart and with a delightful soul”.

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