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2021 Year Text

2021 Year Text

With the whirlwind that we call 2020 coming to a close, we thought it would be nice to talk about our year text for 2021. Isaiah 30:15 has helped many of us get through the stress brought on us by the pandemic and all of its effects. So we were so excited to find out that we would have another year to reflect on this passage!

The January 2021 Study Watchtower has a beautiful article with some really nice reminders that helped us immensely. As the end draws nearer and nearer, we expect to have more causes for anxiety, not less. Yet, at the same time, we’re actually commanded to “stop being anxious”. (Matt. 6:25) Why? Because Jehovah knows the negative impact that anxiety can have on our service to him. While in an imperfect state, we will never be completely free of anxiety, but we can do our best to control it if we continue “keeping calm and showing trust”. And the article highlighted some practical steps we can take to show Jehovah we are doing just that. 

So, for the month of December, we wanted to gift you a little piece of art that will hopefully help you and your family to keep the year text where you can see it and be reminded of the truth in it.

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