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Aesthetically Imagined

Designs & Products Made With Love

We’re Janki and Sarina, the co-founders of Aesthetically Imagined. We love creating meaningful art, but we especially enjoy being able to do it together. We’ve been friends for over a decade and we’ve always motivated each other to take leaps and reach goals. This led to the creation of Aesthetically Imagined, an outlet for us to share our favorite designs with all of you! We invite you to browse our wide selection of stickers, magnets, printables, and more.

We also offer custom designing services, where we work with our customers to bring their ideas to life or turn their cherished memories into beautiful illustrations.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and thank you for supporting our small business!

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Meet the Aesthetically Imagined Team

Our Designers

Janki Patel

Janki has had a deep interest in art ever since she took her first art class. Since then, she has learned and experimented with different mediums (both physical and digital) to create a unique style which is both elegant and imaginative. Her years of training and experience coupled with her passion for tasteful design make her well equipped to design products that will embellish your home and brighten your day!

Sarina David

Sarina loves to spend her free time doodling, drawing or painting. As far back as she can remember, her favorite pieces of art were not just the ones that looked attractive, but the ones that had real meaning. That is why Sarina strives to incorporate meaningful messages into her designs here at Aesthetically Imagined so the products you receive are both beautiful and memorable.

About Us: Meet the Team
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