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Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy The Little Things

These summer days have been flying by, so we thought we’d make this month’s newsletter about slowing down and taking the time to look around and be grateful for the little and constant (yet extraordinary) things in life. 

One of our favorite Gilead talks is all about viewing each day as a gift from Jehovah, and what better way to maintain our joy than to have a grateful mindset like that?

In his talk, Brother Cauthan mentioned that humans can lose their appreciation for things that become a routine part of life, even if these things are a reflection of Jehovah’s loving concern. However, when we feel gratitude, happiness always follows. Gratitude doesn’t cure suffering, but it has the power to heal and radiate hope. It nullifies negativity.

So on that note, we wanted August to be all about finding joy in the little things—the everyday gifts we are so blessed to have in our lives. Check out our bullet journal planning video (on our instagram page or YouTube channel) for some inspiration on how to incorporate that feeling into your plans for this month!

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