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• Let Jehovah Give You Cabbages •

• Let Jehovah Give You Cabbages •

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These custom stickers were designed with a really interesting backstory! They’re inspired by the experience of a brother many years ago who chose to put his service to Jehovah first, even though he was in a difficult financial situation. He did not even have enough money to eat that night. On his way home after preaching, he found himself driving behind a truck full of cabbages. The truck made a hard turn, causing some cabbages to fall out, so the brother got out of his car to help pick them up. But the truck had already driven off, leaving many cabbages behind and the brother was able to take some home and eat that night. The lesson? Put Jehovah first, and let him take care of you. Let him give you cabbages. 😉

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