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Our mission is to make sure your kitchen or bathroom remodel is not only more beautiful and functional, but more valuable in the end. When you choose Signature Kitchen Bath for your project, you will be choosing : an experienced staff that is honest, friendly, and up-to-date with design trends products that fit St. Louis. , Four years ago, I decided it was time to renovate my small condo kitchen. I budgeted $30,000, on the belief that all kitchen remodels cost $30,000. This year, I finally got serious and started getting estimates and had a rude awakening. The first firm I called doesn't touch jobs under $100,000. Next, I got an estimate for $40,000 for construction and rough carpentry. That didn't include cabinets or appliances, which would probably add another $30,000. We work seamlessly with local supply houses and building departments to move your project forward smoothly and efficiently! We will provide the highest quality kitchen bath remodeling solutions within your budget that will immediately improve your home’s value, now and in the future.cost of redoing kitchenThe average cost of a kitchen remodel in the Bay Area is between $120-185k. At HDR Remodeling, the average kitchen remodel in 2020 cost $160k. If you’re going for an upscale and elaborate renovation that may include , custom cabinets, built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories, or commercial-grade appliances, prepare , your budget accordingly. This lower-level III Chicago loft kitchen renovation had great design features and came in economically because of the designers judicious use of cabinetry and shelving. Our most expensive kitchens have come in at 150K. They are usually expansive and complicated but I do know designers who wonder how a kitchen can come in for less than 200K. They shrug when theyre told its possible. To see some of our other kitchen remodeling projects, click remodel diy costThe cost per square foot for the DIY Hybrid kitchen remodel: $266. One major way we not only infused character into our kitchen, but elevated some of the design details, was through the use of some clever, DIY carpentry. Using cabinets , sparingly and substituting antique pieces for storage appears to be a good way to save money—and end up with a period-look kitchen. When a consultant on Victorian restoration redid the kitchen in his turn-of-the-century town house in Galveston, he chose an 1890s Hoosier cabinet, an antique kitchen table equipped with bins and drawers, a small wall cabinet, and an old icebox rather than ordering new cabinets. Other savings came from using salvaged beadboard on the walls and simply painting the existing floor rather than replacing or sanding and refinishing it. The total cost of the kitchen was $12,000. """""""



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